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Jewelry Care

Every piece of jewelry is made with raw materials such as Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel & Sterling Silver. To ensure your jewelry looks its best at all times please follow these simple care tips to help prevent tarnish.
  • Keep jewelry away from water and humidity with activity such as swimming, exercising, & bathing.


  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions, & other chemicals.


  • Jewelry should be stored safely in an air tight container, zip block baggies, or jewelry box.


  • Wipe jewelry with a soft cloth or specialty polishing cloths 

Here are a few helpful websites that go over how to care for a specific metal, as well as benefits and general knowledge that I found super helpful!

Brass/Copper- The creative folk
Sterling silver-  Jewelry Notes
Stainless Steel- Quick Jewelry repairs